Business and Accounting Solutions

Born from resilience, Kelly Keith-Ashton founded Business and Accounting Solutions (BaAS) in Denver, Colorado, in 2009. Witnessing her previous employer’s financial struggles fueled her mission to empower businesses to weather economic downturns while maintaining robust accounting and finance functions.

Starting small, she offered part-time Controller and CFO support to friends and colleagues’ businesses while co-founding a tech company. However, BaAS rapidly blossomed into her full-time focus, with her involvement in the other venture shifting to a Board of Directors role.

Fast forward 15 years, and BaAS, along with Kelly, have become prominent names in the SaaS, software, and technology sectors, not just in Denver and Colorado, but globally. Her client base spans continents, extending from Colorado to London, Berlin, Sydney, and beyond.

Equipped with a Bachelor of Science in Finance, an MBA in International Business, and an MS in Finance with an International specialization, Kelly empowers businesses of all sizes, from multi-entity, multi-currency enterprises to small and medium-sized companies.

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