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Executive Level Financial Expertise for Less Than a Staff Accountant.  Prepare to be delighted by results you didn't imagine for a rate you didn't expect.  Organize and grow your company today.

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By working with Business and Accounting Solutions, you can have the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing the all-important financial details of your company are being handled with meticulous expertise.

About Us

Kelly Ashton is an experienced entrepreneur with 30 years in finance and accounting.  Having helped many companies in diverse industries, Kelly is effective in organizing or reorganizing, streamlining, and strengthening operations to maximize performance and profitability.

More than just a bookkeeper or staff accountant, Kelly brings a high level of expertise in all aspects of business management and development, and is prepared to efficiently tackle your most challenging issues.

Whether you need someone to operate as your outsourced Controller or CFO, or you’re looking for help with business management, project accounting, job costing, GL, AP, AR, general bookkeeping, financial analysis, finance consulting, organizational consulting, market analysis, time management, staff management, basic or advanced accounting, sales tax expertise, Quickbooks help, financial reporting, internal controls, audit, human resource and personnel management assistance, or help with policy and procedure development… Kelly is easy to work with, and sure to bring you a level of expertise, care, and value that will leave a grin on your face and have you sleeping like a baby.